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Friday, July 14th, 2006
4:22 pm
fsjlkgjgklg ; today
okay. everyone's being super lame today. finallyy my parents are out of the house & all , but i swear, just cause i canceled all yesterdays' plans with people, its like they're all trying to get revenge on me. goddd

all right, okay, so like, yesterday i was supposed to hang out with stephanie , but i didnt , and then victoria wanted me to go to the movies, but i didnt do that either, then nick wanted me to go to the movies later on, and i didnt, & then lenny and his "hot older friend from st. charles " alex wanted to hang, but i didnt.

then today okay so i was supposed to go with nick fishing with like, max & zach & some others . but okay, i was NOT going to get up at freaking 9 a.m. to go fishing. NINE A.M. FOR FISHING. so i umm, "slept in" .

so then lenny & alex wanted to hang out today , again ,cause itsz` alex's last day here, and i said sure, if they came here, but ohhh no, its a tiny little 20 -minute walk and they just couldnt walk all that. me & stephh have walked like 80times that in one day before, which ohhmygod, it was not even worth it to see brandon & find our way back to her house -_-. but whatevvv. so they decided they`d rather get a ride, so they wont even be back till 7:oo or 8:oo, which is pretty lame, cause i probably wont even be home then or my parents will be coming back. it`s so uncool .

my parents better spend the night there at that camping place. i swear. or this will ruin my entire day.

oohh but top it off, bee's on vacay, mindy's at some lame sleepaway camp, & of course stephanie's conveniently spending the weekend at her grandma's . of course. and victoria wouldnt answer her phone, karen wouldnt, mary was gone, alyssa was with her cousins. it was like all my friends had decided to boycott me for the day. or actually, since i missed the trip to chicago. =(

lol but actually, that reminds me of something pretty funny that alyssa said when me, jp`, mary dee, & her were in her pool on this 4-people-seater. she was like "okay but honestly, karen wouldnt fit on this " and we were like "ooohhh!!" but she was all, "no not like THAT, cuz it only fits 4 people!" and i was like "omg, howare we supposed to go to chicago with karen? we`ll have to get an entire train for her " lol omg,. it was sooo funny alyssa was getting all defensive. :-D

so yepp. im gonna see if any of my superduper lame friends are home todayy.

seriously. i`m just gonna see if nick will come over. =(

<3 jenny

Current Mood: anxious


Thursday, June 1st, 2006
10:19 pm
so yeahh
hmm well. i have to say things have been going pretty smoothly lately. i feel like i`m getting back on track after a bunch of crazy shit that`s been going on. summers coming & usually i pretty much have gayy ones but i think its gonna be different this year. =) i cant wait to get started!! woot woot

all i need right now is some money 4 clothes & stuff.

arghhh so yeahh. i ` ve been talking a lot lately to my shizzlettes- mary d, mary w., karen. alyssa i havent been talking 2 much lately, but we`ve been getting back on track, so i`m happy bout that.

lol omg . me, mary, & gennie were in a chat room & we were talking about lenny. LOL. mary goes " i get to rape him first" & i posted that in the chat room, but then gennie posted something i said (the bitch, i dont even know her lol ). the next day, me & mary saw each other & just burst out laughing.

wow. so yeah.. i`m feeling pretty awesome right now. chyeahhh. peace outt.


Friday, May 26th, 2006
7:52 am
todayyy =)
i had pretty cool day. i was supposed to hang with stephanie again, but she didn`t answer her phone so i went 2 ashtyn`s. we went 2 white hen & such, & we stopped by kismet cuz david spilled his slushie all over his white shorts. it was huhlarious. we saw gabbie, kyle b., kyle e., & luke in kismet, so we didnt give david his napkins, we just stayed in & talked to them. it was awessommmee. we laughed wayy too hard. we also saw this one guy who looked exactly like lenny, same hair, even the same clothes it looked like, but he later said that he`d been in all day.

luke was like "i always see you hitting him in school" & i was like "hitting him? or hitting ON him?" gabbie freaking laughed so hard. then later i was like "yeah i was telling (someone) (something)" & luke was like "telling? or telling ON?" it was wayy too much fun. but then me & ashtyn had to give david his napkins (heh heh) so we had to leave.

came home, went online, got this pic. of hazel licking a sign, so it was worth it lol.

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1:41 am
freakin tirrreddd
i am sooo freaking tired right now. i`ve been trying to find out how to work this stupid layout thing for hours. seriously. so now i`m all worn out. today was actually pretty cool. we went 2 see ice age 2 today (it was way eric) & me, sarah, & ashtyn were sitting together & the guys (andrew, nick, max, isaac & zach) were in front of us. ashtyn & sarah, i swear, were practically dumping their popcorn on their heads. i leaned over & dropped ONE PIECE on nick's head & mrs. eggert leaped out of her seat, which was like 5 rows ahead of us, and screams, "don't do that!" i was seriously like, double-you tee eff?? what is up with that? i tried 2 get sarah & max together-- almost did it, 2!!!

ugh on the bus, lenny spit in my hair. it was not cool.

then in gym, ms. mordis conveniently forgot to tell us to bring our gym suits, so the girls all had to play kickball in their street clothes. i sat out w. some other girls cuz we were stuck in sandals, not in gym shoes, like the others.

god i am tiirrredd.

& so today i went online. it was pretty cool, haven`t been on for a while. things have been going a lot better lately for me. i was supposed to go to the baseball game w./ mindy to see jeremy BUT my parents suddenly decided they needed to go out & leave me to babysit. i was talking to mary, karen, & alyssa mostly so it was all good. =)

it was pur-itty funny with karen::
me: yeah i want him
kar lol
me: pshh pretending you dont. bein all
"oh yeah im karen im innocent & the only experience i`ve ever had romantically is when my principal hit on me"
kar: jenny
me: karen.
kar i have no relations with my principal or any other principal
me: welllll ooookay.
me: are you positive?
kar as positive as your pregnancy test

yeah the story behind that whole "principal" thing was like, i read this story karen made & it was like "principal mirelli was a friendly guy. sometimes OVERLY friendly". omfg it was too hilarious cuz that`s not even how she meant it.

mary is effing crazy, i love her to death.

soo yeahh i am wayyy too tired 2 sound normal or whatevv right now. i just wanna sleep. i took this freaking long hot shower & shaved & i feel so clean right now, it is wayy 2 awesome. so peace out hommiees. let`s sleep. laterr x3 jenny

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